Learning and teaching.
Bridging worlds.

My writing draws on background in user experience, which is the art and (social) science of understanding human needs and translating them into product design. Doing that work means moving back and forth between technical and non-technical worlds and explaining them to each other.

My current focus is learning in all its forms – but especially online. I’m having a grand time working with clients who are turning their lively in-person courses into web seminars, and I am doing production work as well as consulting on content.

I have an interest in the intersection of social responsibility and technology, including microfinance.

Finally, I’ve also spent several entrepreneurial years as co-owner of a specialty bookstore in San Francisco, creating a 21st Century web presence for a 1930’s establishment. This has provided an endless supply of stories beginning, “So, a guy walks into the bookstore…”

You can find my profile on LinkedIn and my very short thoughts on Twitter.

– Ellen Francik


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