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Let it begin with each step we take

Welcome, friends of @havi. You’ve found a blog that I established to help me biggify. So the topics you see here not only represent interests, but areas I’ve been exploring as part of my Next Thing.

So it’s pretty geeky. As is much of my past. But here’s another part of who I am…

If you’re looking for books to inspire your quest, you should totally check out my family’s shop, Fields Book Store, in San Francisco.

Right after artist Shelley Masters* did the ceiling!

No, none of us is named Fields. George Fields founded the store in 1932 (!) as a center for the literati of the day. He was involved in the Gurdjieff Work, a rigorous method of awakening to the Self that emphasizes self-observation and embodied practice. When I first heard of Shiva Nata, it reminded me of the Gurdjieff Movements.

Fields had always served spiritual seekers, but in the 1960s the store fully entered the Aquarian Age and began specializing in books from the world’s religions. Books you couldn’t find anywhere else. Books from small publishers, books from India, first editions, rare finds, scholarly tomes, handmade grimoires. That’s the shop that attracted my husband and me as caretakers. So I say with pride: even in the age of Behemoth Online Resellers, Fields is still standing and serves people all over the world!

Props to my husband David for having a vision of the future. And for being too darn stubborn to quit.

Props also to my coach Dee McCrorey, who helped me realize that it was time to take my esoteric self out into another field. (Ha. I crack myself up.) Dee is a reinvention whiz.

One of the best things I did while working with her was to look through my work history for inflection points – my personal rhythm for when I need to make a change, get a new project, shake things up. For some people it’s every 6 months. For others, it’s 6 years. Stay too long for you and you get stale and start sabotaging yourself. Know your rhythm, and you can keep your eyes and ears open and know where to move next!

See those river rocks in the banner? Imagine finding the next one. Then the next one. And eventually you’ve crossed to where you need to be.

Wishing you all a graceful next transition.

* Update – Long time Fields friend Shelley Masters gave us a beautifully transformed sky-ceiling, from the sun rising over our door in the East to the moon phases circling in the Western twilight. Shelley specializes in healing murals and faux finishes. Splendid work!


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